Josh Jaques

Developer - Father - Gamer


These are some of the pet projects I've worked on in my personal time.

Finger Jets

Casual game for Android/iOS/Steam. I was the solo developer and artist. Used open source music.

  • Game - 2018

Plugin for jinja2 which enables you to reference assets generated by webpack in your Jinja2 templates, as well as an optional scan feature which allows you to push references to assets from your Jinja2 templates back into webpack for it to build them.

  • Library - 2017
Habit Tracker

React native app for Android. Lets you track any kind of habit with a reps/sets style interface. Comes complete with a user tutorial. May eventually release server side syncing with PouchDB.

  • Android App - 2016
Avoid The Wall Simulator

Game created on a team for Ludum Dare 35. Idea is to manipulate the body parts of the actor to prevent him from hitting the approaching wall.

  • Game - 2016

PEG parser for shibe variant of JSON called DSON, as well as a demo app you can try called dsonlint. Such wow.

  • Library - 2016
Paddle Hockey

Air hockey simulator for Android. Made on a team with an artist.

  • Game - 2015

Shoot em up game for PEG JAM 2014

  • Game - 2014


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